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11/24 ThruVu Cooler Custom Website Goes Live!

Introducing the ThruVu™ Digital Cooler solution for point of purchase and point of sale applications. This innovative digital cooler replaces the entire conventional front door glass with a transparent Digital LCD Display assembly. The transparent LCD allows for clear viewing of product through the glass, while simultaneously having the ability to run Full HD content in a "see-thru" manner in front of the product. The ThruVu™ Digital Cooler is truly a turn-key solution with all required technology and hardware included.

11/21 Showcase Nation Custom Web Application and Website Goes Live!

Showcase Nation is the first website to offer entertaining sports videos, college recruiting, social networking, and game film review in one website. Athletes of all skill levels and ages can upload any sports videos they want, without size restrictions, completely free of charge.

11/19 Global Safety Management Custom Website Goes Live!

Global Safety Management is your SDS compliance management partner. As a manufacturer, distributor or manager, you have people to keep safe, environmental standards to meet and a business to run. You can’t ignore the deadlines for the new Globally Harmonized System (GHS) that are right around the corner. OSHA fines can hit a company’s bottom line with more than $1M. Now is the time to put a solid plan in place for managing your Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS).

11/07 LG-MRI Custom Website Goes Live!

LG-MRI offices is be based in Atlanta, GA and products will be available through one of the (50+) LGE Sales offices on a worldwide basis. The new www.lg-mri .com web site will provide information on the BoldVu® and BasicVu® product lines from 47" to 84" in size and related services such as Remote Monitoring and On-Site Service.

11/03 hackATL – The Largest Southeast Hackathon

This weekend, over 800 college and graduate students will come together for hackATL and build a complete business in 48 hours. Groups of students conceptualize a project on Friday night and then present the entire proposition on Saturday. The winner is connected with mentors and venture capitalists after just 48 hours.
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10/31 RYVYR Full Custom eCommerce Website Goes Live!

Ryvyr strives for one thing - to provide exceptional products at great price points for our customers. They know that our customers are the only reason they exist. Without them they have nothing. Ryvyr insist on honesty and integrity in everything that we do, focusing on core values, results, human capital development and execution. All of this contributes to make the Ryvyr difference.

09/30 Leads to Conversations - Custom Website Goes Live!

The Leads to Conversations VisualTask software brings your pipeline to life and helps you focus on the right deals. Built with simplicity in mind, we bridge the gap between time-consuming lead research and complex sales automation platforms to help your teams visualize, rank, convert and report on actionable leads. The value is in getting sales teams more quality time with prospects that matter.

09/23 The Creative Momentum wins 10 - 2014 W3 Silver Award (over 4,000 entries!)

The W3 Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos, marketing programs and mobile sites/apps.
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09/18 Formation Data Systems - Fresh New Custom Wordpress Website Goes Live!

Formation Data Systems developed the world's first Converged Data Platform for the Enterprise data center. The Formation platform provides revolutionary data virtualization that gives Enterprise IT the Convenience, flexibility, simplicity, and cost benefits of public cloud approaches combined with the Control, security and customization capability of private data center storage. The Formation platform is purpose-built for Enterprise IT, SaaS applications and service providers that have Enterprise data requirements but also want to significantly lower their operational and management costs.

09/12 Challenge Entertainment - Custom Web Application and Custom Website Design Site Goes Live!

Challenge Entertainment is the leading provider of hosted live entertainment for bars and restaurants across the United States. We were founded in 2005, and since that time we have spread our unique brand of fun to bars and restaurants in over 40 cities across the U.S. We've been battle-tested, and we know not only what is desired in this industry, but also what works. Our games are specially designed to attract repeat customers, enhance patron experiences, and maximize profitability for bars and restaurants with minimal effort by staff and management. By offering a variety of popular games such as Live Trivia, Scavenger Hunt, and Ballistic Bingo, Challenge Entertainment has the expertise to turn your slowest nights into your most successful nights.

08/27 The University of North Carolina - Alpha Challenge Custom Website Goes Live!

The Alpha Challenge is one of the world's premier stockpitching competitions. The event presents an opportunityfor 3-person teams from top business schools to presenttheir investment analysis for both a long and shortrecommendation from a predefined list of companies.

08/14 Mentholatum Ointment Goes Live!

100% custom Wordpress back-end with enriched custom web design and graphic design. Product based website.

08/13 ShoppingBoss Goes Live!

This custom ecommerce website project included custom logo and branding, custom web design, custom explainer vide, custom icons and etc. With a very custom front-end development with detailed UI and UX.

08/05 Trail Karma Goes Live!

This project included custom web design, custom explainer videos and animations. We also implemented custom Instagram and twitter API hashtag feed. This project was super awesome to do. Thanks, Appalachian Trail!

07/02 Named Top Explainer Video Agency

@creativemomentu Named Top Explainer Video Agency via @PRWeb

07/01 Printed Specialties Goes Live!

07/01 The Creative Momentum as the Twelfth Top Search Marketing Firm

@topseos names The Creative Momentum as the Twelfth Top Search Marketing Firm for July 2014

06/25 Welcome Accessories Unlimited!

We look forward to redesigning an e-commerce website for you!

06/23 Welcome Flag!

We look forward to redesigning your website!

06/20 Welcome Infiny Mobile!

We look forward to creating you a new custom website for your new product line!

05/30 Welcome Global Safety Management!

We look forward to redesigning a custom website for you!

05/09 Globaledit Responsive Development goes live!

This project included responsive development for Globaledit's existing site and it included the ability to feature a download app banner.

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05/08 Welcome The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

We look forward to creating a custom website for you!

04/14 Welcome Mentholatum Ointment

We look forward to redesigning your website!

04/10 Welcome Shoppingboss

We look forward to redesigning your UI/UX experience and Front-End Development!

04/08 The Creative Momentum takes Gold!

Horizon Interactive Awards Gold Winner
@HorizonAwards: Winners Showcase: The Creative Momentum takes Gold via #webdesign
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03/20 3 Must-Haves for Your Website

When you review your website traffic data, do you feel
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03/17 10 Reasons You Need a Business Pinterest Page

Pinterest isn't just for pretty pictures anymore. Even the National Hockey League has a page—with over a million followers. If you're still sitting on the bench, here's why you need to get in the game and create a business Pinterest page today.
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03/13 Welcome The Appalachian Trail Conservancy!

We look forward to branding and creating a custom website for you!

03/12 Developing the Web Designer

Any time two individuals who have never met before come together to collaborate on a project, there are going to be challenges and differences in opinion. In the web design and development industry the differences are amplified due to perception and perspective. The right-brained web designer and the left-brained developer need to have the same vision for a project. This can prove challenging for several reasons.
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03/05 Twitter Advertising Changes for Businesses

In this age of social media, the influence of websites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn cannot be underestimated. With nearly 60 percent of Americans owning a social media profile, it’s a no-brainer that advertising via social media can boost a business’ income. Twitter advertising alone has an audience of over 645.7 million active users with nearly 115 million users that log-on to the site each month.
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02/27 Top Social Media Tools

You tweeted, "liked," and hashtagged your way through 2013. So what does social media in 2014 have in store for you? If you own or manage a business, you are likely using social media for free or inexpensive advertising. In the beginning, you may have had a blog, then branched out to Facebook, Twitter, maybe Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Snapchat, Google+, LinkedIn, Storify, Flickr… well, you get the idea. The options are many...
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02/14 VIMtrek new custom website goes live!

This project included custom website design and front-development.

VIMTREK fosters unparalleled collaboration between the owner, designers (Architect and Engineers), and the contractors (General Contractors and their Subcontractors) permitting delivery of buildings that provide the desired visual impact, space use and cost effective operation required by the modem building owner.

02/14 Welcome Ready Innovations

Your web application UI / UX and mobile UI are going to look stellar.

02/12 Welcome BitShares

We look forward to create a whole new branding strategy and a custom website design that also appeals to you mobile audience.

02/11 Is 2014 the Year for a Website Redesign?

A website that is years old is not an effective business and marketing tool for any company. Periodically, it is necessary to consider redesigning your site for a more modern look. With all the changes taking place in website design and social media, 2014 may be just the year to consider a website redesign. This is not just a to-do activity, but something that can make a big difference to your profit line.
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02/03 Advertisers Win Big on Super Bowl Sunday: Top 10 Super Bowl Ads

On the most anticipated of TV watching days for football fans and advertisers alike, Madison Avenue brought its Sunday best game to Super Bowl XLVIII. It was a night filled with commercials crafted by skilled Super Bowl advertisers about the usual fare...
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01/28 The Creative Momentum #1 of 10 Best Custom Web Design Firms

In the age of designs that are based on templates, a company such as The Creative Momentum truly stands out in the website development industry. This company specializes in building custom websites completely from scratch. The development process includes more than ten different steps that provide Web Design, User Interface, Mobile Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Advertising and SEO. The Creative Momentum produces much more than just an attractive front end website with appealing graphics and organized layouts. The designers build the architecture of a website from scratch...
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01/27 Superbowl 2014 – The Holy Grail of Advertising

The Super Bowl, one might say, is the Holy Grail of Advertising. This is the big leagues. Since 1967, the between-plays ads have become increasingly coveted spots to run commercials for the nation’s most beloved products. Ask the average American who’s playing in the Super Bowl, and it’s a coin toss as to whether they can tell you. Ask them what their favorite Super Bowl commercial was, and they’ll recount one in detail.
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01/24 Welcome Showcase Nation

We are excited about the opportunity to redesigning your website and really taking advantage of the momentum.

01/22 Google to Unveil Google Plus Advertising

Google is in the process of testing and unveiling Google plus advertising – Google+ Post Promotions. Originally we thought - awesome, now we can finally promote across the Google+ social network: when in reality it will be across the enter display network. Now at first this disappointed us, but once a little more research was performed we realized: this is genius. The Google display network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide. In essence, these advertisements will not be confined to a still blooming social network mostly dominated by marketing professionals: they will be promoting not only a brand but the social network itself across the world wide web.
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01/22 10 Startups to Watch in 2014

2014 calls for an entirely new generation of smart applications that will infiltrate the travel, dating, news, and personal finance industries. Using data driven trends and current social media markets and profiles, the following list of startups to watch in 2014 are sure to overcome multiple hurdles this year and beyond.
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01/20 Twitter Rolls Out Updated UI Redesign

Twitter began beta testing a new UI on their website synonymous to the recently redesigned mobile app and the new Apple iOS7 software a few weeks back, and have finally gone live with it as of this week. The new interface displays a more clean, and up-to-date user experience with a flat, simplistic design and a new image sharing exposure. The 140 characters was no longer cutting it in the world of Instagram and Pinterest.
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01/16 2014 Web Trends

2013 marked an evolutionary year in web design, marketing, and social media. These three markets are effortlessly intertwining with one another as branding and sales channels. According to Exacttarget’s report marketing projections for 2014, the top five areas of spending will include data and analytics, marketing automation, email marketing, social media marketing, and content management. Whether it is the process and avenues through which marketers collect data on their audience, or how users are surfing the web and engaging on the web: data and mobile devices are more influential than ever.
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01/13 Is Content Writing Stressing You Out?

It’s 3 a.m., you’ve just polished off your seventh or eighth cup of coffee for the day, and the tiny cursor on your laptop has produced nothing of great value (or so you think). How do you communicate the value of your business in a few short lines? Too many of us get bogged down in content writing for our websites simply because we are trying way too hard.
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01/10 "Times" Changes Things

With the ringing in of the New Year, the New York Times made some New Year’s resolutions along the lines of rebranding and website design. Visit their site and you’ll catch an eyeful of vintage formatting, salutes to the printed version of the publication, and a more mobile-friendly layout.
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01/06 Traffic Jam – A Website's Ultimate Purpose in 2014

The day you longed for has arrived. After hours of planning, decision-making, and labor, your custom website has gone live. You’ve thanked your top web design firm for their awesomeness, and you can’t get enough of your new digital calling card. About 77 percent of the U.S. population are Internet users and e-commerce sales in 2010 totaled $165.4 billion.
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01/03 Welcome Printed Specialties, Inc.

We look forward to creating your custom design website.

01/01 Happy New Year!

We want to thank everyone for an exciting 2013 and now welcome to 2014!